Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dodge Caliber in red wine color

Folks, honestly this piece of car in my street is a small fake. Pictures were taken near automobile showroom. Not the place is interesting, but the vehicle. Dodge Caliber. It is new and so clean. And red wine color is really right for it. According to official site it is Inferno Red Crystal Pearl, but on my picture looks different. And look at the sunshine on the hood. The back is similar to that on the Ford Focus second generation for me. And small notice for european readers - Dodge is brand of Chrysler. Enjoy ;)

Wedding limousine Lincoln in Krakow

It was here old veteran car for wedding purpouses. Current piece is kinda modern wedding car - Lincoln limousine. Probably model is Lincoln TOWN CAR 120.

Lincoln is premium brand of Ford. My piece is from 90ties 20 century. It has plenty of 90 degrees edges on his hood than current models. For my wedding I prefer something smaller and older e.g. mentioned unknown veteran or some nice trabant. Enjoy ;)