Monday, September 27, 2010

Ford Mustang in yellow and two thick black stripes

Hi Folks, this Ford Mustang is awesome and pretty tuned. In front it got 2 additional lights. The 2 stripes from matn film divide this ford mustang to 2 pieces from front sight. Unfortunatelly I have no details about engine, vintage and so on.but  Enjoy ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nissan 370Z

Voila. First Nissan on DeliciousCars. And so sporty model - On these pictures is Nissan 370Z. In some sights it is similar to Porsche 911 in my eyes :) Japanese people gave them the name "airlady Z". 370Z is a child of former Nissan 350Z model. This time are produced 3 submodels - with 3,696 cubic centimeters V6 engine, the output is between 331- 356 PS (NISMO 370Z). Enjoy ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Korean SsangYong Actyon Sports

Photo of this SsangYong was taken in city of Zilina, Slovakia, Europe, where is factory of another korean brand - KIA. This model is  Actyon Sports, four wheel drive aka 4x4. In Europe are these pickups not so popular than in USA. In fact this model is compact crossover SUV class car. SsangYong Actyon Sports replaced previous model SsangYong Musso. Here is one disadvantage in winter time in Europe: load space is filled with snow. But Enjoy ;)

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Yet another Bentley Continental Supersport

Another country, another city, another owner, but the same bentley like before. This bentley is cute as well. The interior is a litte bit lighter but in leather too. And it is so shining after car wash procedure. What say more? Just dry facts about this Bentley Continental Supersport. Almost 6.000 cubic centimetres, twin turbo, W12 engine and about 412 kW output. Enjoy ;)

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Citroen 2CV alias Duck

I met car for today  in the old town of Prague. And its style is realy cute for old town. It is Citroen 2CV, produced more than  40 years from 1948 till 1990. Awesome. Wikipedia says:
  It is considered one of CitroĆ«n's most iconic cars. 
Almost 4 millions of citroen 2CV aka “deux chevaux”   produced. Properties like unique design, versatility, lost cost production and off-road driving give this citroen own soul. Enjoy ;)

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