Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skoda Vision D

GENEVA - One eye is looking forward, the other crying. Fans of Czech carmaker Skoda has gained a news Vision D. It has a catch, however ...

Skoda introduced longtime hided new in Geneva and immediately sparked a huge response. White steed stands elegant shapes, frame less windows in the doors, massive body command respect, panoramic roof family character and tailgate spoiler, sports again. No wonder that the department Mlad√° Boleslav manufacturer in Geneva is constantly surrounded by many visitors. Czech journalists are proud that the Vision got strong competition in an unofficial award for "most beautiful bottom". The problem is that while Vision D does not figure in plans for mass production damage and most likely will remain only in the presentation of the world's motor shows in the stylistic exercises. "I think that exactly follows the future will look like Skoda, although multiple elements are used to it. For example, small headlights. Carmakers have already learned how to achieve high luminance and small headlamps on and then be at the expense of cooling and increase brand logo.

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  1. It's odd I get to appreciate a car that I wouldn't possibly own. But it's a great feeling.